Artisan Soaps

Artisan Soaps

  • Luria Thompson
  • 16 May 2019

The rough, yet odd appearance of handcrafted soaps is what I appreciate most in artisan soaps. Something I’ve created, sometimes can appear distinguishable too many. There’s the handmade soap that looks edible or as if I’m going deep sea diving and other creative structures that soap artisans express themselves, often to engage or simply share their craft with others. The shapes of these soaps can be strong but yet gentle to the skin. The rugged look can be intimidating but yet appeal to your femininity and/or masculinity. I applaud artisan soap makers everywhere whose artistic expressions have made its way to the front lines of the soap making industry. We stand strong to make not only an impact but to grow, learn and sell our one of a kind and vintage soaps through our creative expressions.

We here at Soaps Hermosa vow to use the God-given properties of nature to create pure, natural handmade soaps and other skin care products that enhance the skin care experience of our clients. We strive to stay “Next to Nature” in each handcrafted product by using quality ingredients. These products provide skin conditioning properties that are known to moisturize, cleanse and soothe the skin. We create soaps that not only appeals to the eye but satisfy your skin care needs

Our soaps are handmade with natural ingredients, that are “Next to Nature”. Making soaps with our customers in mind is our focus. We use quality products, both essential and fragrance oils to accommodate our clients. For those with sensitive skin we offer a fragrance free and colorant free soap with an array of oils that has skin conditioning properties, oils like hemp, tea tree, and black seed oil to name a few. We look forward to working for you and providing products that will enhance your skin care experience.

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