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“Handmade with our own special blends, these Soaps are crafted to excite, relax, lather, and lavish. Stimulate your sense and nourish your skin.

The rough, odd appearance of handcrafted soaps, something about its irregularity and often odd shapes speak to me of the uniqueness in each of us. There is something special about the handcrafted creation that reflects the uniqueness in us all.

Some soaps look edible, others like something you’d spot while deep sea diving, and others still like creative structures of imagination. The artisanal medium of soaps can be an opportunity for the crafter to express themselves, engage with others, or share their true feelings through the process.

The soaps can be strong, rugged and intimidating, yet gentle on the skin; feminine or masculine or chaotic or serine.

I applaud the artisanal soap makers everywhere, from those whose expression has made its way to the front of the industry, to the new maker just starting to learn, to the experienced vet making small batches on the weekend, and all those in-between.

Let us stand strong to make not only an impact, but to grow, learn, share and sell our one of a kind and vintage creations and expressions