About Soaps Hermosa

We take pride in the work that we do here at Soaps Hermosa and in how we do it: using both hot and cold process methods to craft near limitless combinations of vibrant and deep colors, natural fragrances and oils, each product is designed with you in mind. From our silky body butters invigorating scrubs to our beautiful and hydrating soaps is made by hand, and maddest with ingredients so close to nature you'll feel transported with every feel, touch and smell.

About the Business

At Soaps Hermosa Skincare and quality is front and center. With the help of my family and team, not only am I making handmade soaps, but other skincare products as well: beautiful bath bombs, silky body butters, exhilarating salt & sugar scrubs, and enveloping scented wax melts.
Our goal is to create natural products that will leave you feeling and smelling refreshed, relaxed, and absolutely beautiful, so every product is made personal to you the quality of a big name and the care of a family one.

Honoring An Angel

Making and crafting each product is personal for me. I started this amazing soap making business almost 5 years ago from my home here in Joliet, Il, and haven’t stopped since, but there is a personal story behind the name and a tragedy in its triumph.

The spark that ignited Soaps Hermosas’ humble beginning was the faith and belief of my late cousin, Angel in me. Angel and I shared everything, from little gardening tips to our biggest ambitions, and when I dreamt to learn how to craft skincare products she believed in me and inspired me make my first steps. I purchased my first soap making kit, but didn’t begin this dream of mine until a nightmare took her too soon.

The unthinkable devastated our family and everyone who knew her: she was murdered.

Her loss hurt in a way like losing a part of you, because she was; a beautiful sister. To honor the memory of my cousin and her faith in me I had to begin, and in 2015 I started a journey that has become a line of handcrafted natural skincare products to nourish your skin the way Angel nurtured dreams, and I haven’t stopped yet.